Stay and Suffer

This writing comes from the heart of a relatively young person whom I have much to learn from.

Many writers

I am a recent convert, and after my baptism, decided to join a ministry. To my horror, there is much judgment and politics and my first reaction is to fight or flight. Fight is not really an option and flight is rather cowardice. Then a fellow brother-in-Christ came to me and suggested – there is a third option: why don’t you choose stay and suffer?

Stay and Suffer? You must be mad! Why would I submit myself to further harassment and humiliation? Why would anyone deliberately choose to suffer?  It is against human nature!!!

Or is it? As I cooled down and contemplated about it, there are indeed people who choose to stay and suffer.

Whether it is the mother who stay and suffer for her autistic son, or the wife who stay and suffer for her cancer stricken husband, or the son who gave up marriage to stay and…

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O God is GREAT!

They say that birds of a feather flock together

and  it is true to a large extent

Yet here is one lone bird

It is content to be by itself

Far from feeling alone and why is  it so?

I see myself in this bird

I have choices to make

sometimes I choose

to be alone

to be alone

to be alone

time to spend in silence is good

time to hear our Lord in solitude

and in silence

so all is well

and all is well indeed

In the Church of St Anthony of Padua

It is interesting to note that one needs grace to be at a particular church, and I have personally experienced this all these years. I started off with St Michael’s Church. Newly converted I was full of zest and fervour for the charismatic way of worship which I am so comfortable with. I also can remain silent and not raise hands to worship our Lord. I am  open and I can adapt to the worship styles and I thank the Holy Spirit for this.