New life in Christ

This is My child, My beloved!

Just recently this very beautiful photo of an infant being baptised was circulating and with it was a story that spoke of a miracle. What I would also term ‘miraculous’ would be that we now witness in the photograph the  rite of baptism  in the Church.  In the name of the Holy Trinity, the infant becomes a member of the body of Christ.  Praise God!

Then let us reflect a bit more. Just stop to ponder how God has given life to this baby and brought the child into this world. Think of the mother who first held the baby in her arms! Think too of the priest who baptised this infant, thus allowing the child to be incorporated into the family of God. Think of the joy of all who love this baby and now they see the child  growing day by day.

What a marvellous event, and to think that we too have been similarly blessed………no matter what our age may be, it is enough that we have responded to God’s call. Not many days from now, more than a thousand adults and youths will soon be baptised, and what joy that will bring to our hearts!

This year I intend to celebrate my baptism anniversary with other members of my family. On 10 April, my heart will be singing for joy as I recall that miraculous moment of my own baptism as an adult. The hymn singing in my heart that blessed Saturday night till the wee hours of that first Easter for me still comes to me in a powerful way:

Be exalted O God above the heavens. Let Thy glory be over all the earth! Be exalted O God above the heavens. Let Thy glory be over all the earth!