I am a Miracle

There is no doubt about this at all – I AM A MIRACLE! God made me in His own image and likeness. He gave me life and endowed me with gifts to serve Him by serving His people.

Yes, this has been a wonderful, glorious week of discovery. Many things led to my desire to put all this down in writing. I AM A MIRACLE! No one should doubt this, not just for myself but for every human person. Praise God!

For many years now, I have left a book unread but by the grace of God, I took  it out recently and started to read it. It is a book written by two special persons – MIRACLES OF GOD – renowned surgeon Dr Paul Brand and Christian writer Philip Yancey. Yes, I am referring to their joint accomplishment “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”. As I read the book each day, I grew to marvel at how the Lord had formed me so miraculously.

I had heard Philip Yancey speak about the book which had won the Gold Medallion Book Award, but I did not realise that I had a copy of it in my own collection of books. Praise God for letting me have the literacy to read and understand and appreciate the wonder of my being. Praise God!

Needless to say, this will bring to mind Psalm 139 which is so beautifully phrased, and in my Taize newsletter just now, I read a commentary on this particular psalm. How many affirmations I am getting.  The choir at Mass this morning also sang the touching hymn written by Bernadette Farrell – ” O God, you search me”. And the preacher gave a powerful homily on the value of each human life – each life is so valuable because each has been ransomed by the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! Amen.