And the birds were singing . . .

The good Lord is always teaching me, and if I were vigilant, I would learn unceasingly. Yes, it was so recently when I spent a few days in Chiangmai. I am happy to share that I heard some new songs of birds each morning. I learnt that unless one was deprived of the gift of hearing, one could not possibly ignore the songs of the birds, especially in the morning. I had the joy of listening to the songs of the birds, and as I listened, I could not help but be filled with joy. Life, in all its richness, is ours because God has blessed us!

And as the birds sang their songs of praise, I took many short walks around the garden. The thought of talking to the old trees around came to my mind but I put it off until one morning at 7.45 a.m. on the last day of January, and here is the result:

Old trees at Seven Fountains

My heart’s desire to converse with you

Five years have lapsed and I am here again

The grace of God permits it

Praise be to God, our Creator

I ask you, dear old trees

Fill me in and tell me more

News I want to hear

News you are only too aware of

Witnessing each year, each month, each day.

Child of the universe

God is mighty and you are here

Lost in wonder, awed by His goodness

Truly it is right

Our God is might and you are here

Praise God for everything

What can I say to you, child of the universe

Each day comes and each day goes

Nothing much is new as Qoheleth would say

Nothing that has not happened before

And nothing that cannot be accounted for

All is in the hands of our mighty God

But, dear old trees, tell me something more!

Let not curiosity get the better of you

O child of the universe

Whatever you need, you will know

Through people and events

And then, no one can stop that from happening


For you have good reasons to know

For now, be content

Run along and hear the sounds around you

Speaking of life

Singing God’s praises all day long.

Thank you, dear old trees

I do accept what you have said

I heard some new songs this morning

The songs of birds from afar

Their songs are loud and clear

Praising God our mighty Creator

And I chanced too to see a snail

Softly crawling

Ever so slowly

Across a path in the labyrinth

May God be praised

May God be praised

I sit content by the Fountain

The sounds of water gurgling

Speaking of God’s overflowing abundance

Providence for all His children

Thankful am I

Grateful I will always be

The God of creation – He loves me!