A journey in faith

Recently, I had the grace to meditate on Abraham, our father in faith, in several passages from the book of Genesis. Abraham represents all who make their journey in life. We can think of all peoples – the elderly, the sick, the dying, all who seek God, the happy and the unhappy, the desperate, the hopeful, the sinners and the just – yes, all of us in our journey with the whole of humanity.

Abraham also stands for the individual who seeks the face of God and Abraham is certainly our father who teaches us the way to God.  All the events, anxieties, loneliness and graces of Abraham are to us also signs, symbols and examples of the vissisitudes, fears, desolation, graces of God for each of us. And so I thought of my own life. What is my point of departure and what are the many stages of my life? Where is my point of arrival? So many questions came to my mind, to be pondered over time . . .

And so, in one of my labyrinth walks, I meditated on my pilgrimage in life. Here I am, seeking a strong faith and knowing that in my walk, God is always with me. He is the Guide at all times. If, like Abraham, I am to live solely for the Lord, then I can be free and tranquil. So many things become secondary. I can be calm, available, peaceful and ready for all that life sends to me.

Yes, I am grateful for the lesson learnt. Abraham could be generous to Lot because Abraham took God’s promise to him to be everything, to be his riches, his treasure. All else counts as garbage, and did St Paul not say the same? The words of St Angela, that we let Christ be our sole Treasure, are also there for me. I need to consider my friendship with God to be my all, and everything else of little worth, and as Fr Iker told me, I am to remember that the most important relationship is the one we have with God.

To deepen this relationship, I need to begin again  each and every day, to sit at the feet of God and to listen to Him, to pray and to put into practice the demands of Christian discipleship. It is God’s enduring  word within me that will help me in the battles of life – to conquer myself, to overcome the radical mistrust that daily closes me to God and to others, to all that is new and true, with the result that I encapsulate myself in the fortress of my habits and acquired securities. 

May the Spirit of God help us to listen to His words in a manner that is worthy and fitting, appropriate to the meaning of the text and in harmony with what is revealed. May God grant us the grace to put all things in order, to know the vanity of the world and to abhor it, so that, counting on His promise, we need never doubt or disbelieve, but draw strength from faith, give glory to God, fully convinced that whatever God has promised, he has the power to perform. Amen.