We can and want to do better

Praise God for people with a heart, and I am delighted to share with you yet another letter sent to the local newspapers by Fr Paul Staes, CICM. [Please see Sunday Times 27 Feb 2011, p. 32]  I would say he is God’s instrument in giving voice to the voiceless. Wonderful!

On 9 Feb 2011 Fr Paul  sent a letter with a concrete suggestion on what more could be done to make public transportation more accessible to all, especially the handicapped and elderly. Although he said that it was not something he was really passionate about, I would still give him top marks. He is a busy man and to take time to write to the local papers is not something one does for fun. Thank you, Fr Paul!

How did the letter come to be written? Let Fr Paul speak for himself:

“Actually, it’s my own experience using a lot of public transportation during the past year that gave me this idea: how about developing a system of providing discount taxi vouchers. I suspected that this might not be as original an idea as it may sound, so I searched the InterNet. Sure enough, some other countries had successfully implemented a similar scheme (Brazil and, particularly, Victoria, Australia).” 

Let us join Fr Paul to make this proposal  “known, studied, discussed, especially by the competent authorities, so that it may eventually be implemented in the not too distant future.”

As a commuter myself, I have seen many improvements in our public transport system. Getting into a taxi from Changi Airport just last week had been a pleasant experience. The young taxi driver was courteous and helpful, and my heart was singing God’s praises for our good transportation system. But, as with all matters,  there is always room for improvement.