Life with its many facets

I gave up using a camera years ago, and so I seldom can capture what I see and like, including scenery, people and other things. On one occasion, I had to rely on my friend to take a picture of what I like, and this photo is an example. It was taken in the garden of  Seven Fountains Spirituality Centre, and one never tires of looking at such trees. Here you see the leaves and branches forming a kind of tapestry over the clear sky. At times, when you least expect it, you see a lively squirrel jumping from branch to branch. Sometimes you can even see a few of them and their carefree behaviour makes you feel that yes, life is indeed a joy, and that there is much to be grateful for. Peace, silence, providence, space. . .time to stand and stare. Friends ask if they ought to make a trip to the Seven Fountains Spirituality Centre and my answer is always, “Go, if God be willing!”  When one looks at this tree, one can see that one’s own life can be interesting too. One can look at it from so many angles and no matter which angle one takes,  there are peculiar features to notice. That is also a contributing factor to finding in one’s life all the beauty that it can offer. There is no need to lament that it is boring and that it is an endless routine of doing the same mundane duties each day. To take this photo, my friend had to look upwards. To see beauty in anything, there is a need to explore all angles too. May we have eyes to see and to find beauty in all of God’s creations. Praise God!