Soya bean milk and fritters, anyone?

I said that I would like to share my memories of my recent trip to Thailand, and so here is another of the photos to remind me of one of the things we did. It became almost a ritual, one that helped to provide a stronger bond amongst us. Each evening, after a simple but satisfying dinner, we would go across Huey Khaew Road where Seven Fountains Spirituality Centre is located. We would head for one particular stall manned by a brother-and -sister team. We speak no Thai so we would try to make do with sign language. The two stall holders not only used sign language but flashed us broad smiles that warmed our hearts. We were there for two simple items – soya bean milk and fritters. To the soya bean milk we would add also some ginger so that we could have a real tasty drink with more oomph! The fritters were much like our own back home  but they came in smaller pieces and somehow, tasted better. Do not ask me what really attracted us  since all of us would have had a full dinner each evening. Greed? Not really. Then what drew us there like a magnet each evening? It could be the warm reception from the two young persons. We did not spend much but they made us welcome, as if we had spent hundreds!

Also, I would like to add that one of the most admirable things I have found  in Thailand are the people and their gentle ways and warm smiles. Almost everywhere we go, we are greeted with smiles. People are also gentle in speech and actions. I speak of those we meet, especially the community in the Spirituality Centre itself…lest you start to think of those in coloured shirts! Praise God!

Soya bean milk and fritters, anyone?