Thinking out loud

A good friend shared some thoughts recently. I sought permission to upload them so we may all ponder more deeply on our lives. In quiet moments when we are all by ourselves, our minds can bring to the surface many thoughts and these thoughts often lead to more musings. . .

Live Now [Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 1:43pm]

Yesterday’s laughter, today’s smile.

Tomorrow’s hope, today’s joy.

One second after another;

Time slips by.

How much really matters, history or future?

What about Now?

Gone in a wink.

What’s Next?

Here in a second.

Never underestimate the power of Now:

It’s fleeting existence;

It’s impact on Next.

Easily replaced by Next; yet powerfully influencing Next.

Now is what matters.

Next is unpredictable.

Never Give Up.



Good Advice/ Poor Understanding [Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 11:10am]

This world doesn’t need good advice.

It needs understanding.

A fount of wisdom will naturally take care of itself:

only if everyone understood the needs of each other’s hearts.


Anyone can miss.

Rarely practiced.

Priceless commodity.

 Often neglected.

Walk a mile in my shoes. 

Have a feel .. how well-intentioned advice often misses the crux..

i’m doing my best.

an intangible effort.

i’m falling and tripping.

that’s easily detected.

will you sit with me when i lay flat on my face, help me up and dress my wound?

or will you rather rub salt into my pain, thinking you’re disinfecting me on behalf of my immune system?