You’ve given me an education which equals life

"Dear Fr Peter"

Whenever I receive the publication ‘Missionhurst’ from the Scheut Mission CICM, I am always happy to read the many stories that the missionaries share. One of the latest was by Fr Peter Koh CICM, our own Singaporean, and his story touched me so much that I sought permission to use it in my blog.

So often we are asked to help raise funds or to give a little to charity. Most of us do and perhaps that is enough; we don’t ask if our little donation actually brings about the desired results we would so like to see. After all, as stewards of what we are entrusted with, our duty is really to care and share. However, once in a while, we are further encouraged by people who write or make known to us how they have benefitted from our little donation. So, it was with deep joy that Fr Peter Koh CICM received a letter from one of his many beneficiaries. This sharing is a form of encouragement – that we may continue to care and share, and trust that someone is being helped along life’s journey. No matter how much or how little we give out of a sincere desire to care and share, we must know that we can make a difference. That difference is significant because, as Fr Peter Koh CICM has said, “…it seems to have a ripple effect: going out from one life to touch so many more as the circle increases.”

Fr Peter Koh, CICM, with two children in Zambia

Please read the following letter from Kennedy Milanzi, a young man who received aid many years ago, and who took the trouble to trace Fr Peter in Rome so as to write his letter of thanksgiving. May God be praised!

“Dear Fr Peter,

I am really so glad to have this opportunity of communicating with you after such a long time. I have always wanted to be in touch, but couldn’t manage to get hold of your address – I recently reached the Headteacher from St Nicholas though, Mrs Chansa, who was able to give it to me. The main reason I have always wanted to visit with or talk to you is to brief you on your investment and the results, and also to thank the Lord for your good works. I  mean what you have done – together with the late Fr Hubert – in my life and the life of the entire Milanzi family. I strongly feel these good works cannot just go un-thanked.

Fr Peter, if you recall, I faced a time when I was unable to go to the university because of financial problems that my parents were going through. You and the late Fr Hubert stepped in and supported me. Despite the many commitments you had, you still continued to support me spiritually and financially. I wonder if you really realise what you have done? You have given me an education – you have given me a life.

I graduated from the Copperbelt University in 2004, and obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering. I struggled to get a job but finally I was hired at Chambishi Metals, plc, where I am working as a Metallurgist. The job is not well paying, just yet, but there are prospects of rising through the ranks. I was married last June, and we have a baby girl named Temwani (meaning Happiness or Rejoice). We are staying in Kalulushi where we are renting a house.

I am now a responsible person: one of the ‘cream of the crop’ in the nation. I am a university graduate, a family man, a company asset, a father, a guardian supporting other people in need as well . . .the list is endless. I am now able to support my young brothers and sisters academically, and I know some day they will be able to stand on their own and help others also. I just really need to see you so that you can  witness the living testimony of your product. My wish is just to find the means to reach where you are so that I can pour out my heart to you and thank you for making me the way I am today.

I will always keep in touch and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Kennedy Milanzi”

 Should you be interested to find out more about the work of the Scheut Mission fathers, lease visit their website:

May God continue to bless all missionaries as they reach out in the name of Jesus! 

To God be the glory!