Let everything that lives and breathes give God praise!

For a long time now, I would say, there has been a lot of talk about the world being over populated and how earth cannot provide enough resources for one and all. Yet, the truth may be that we have not loved enough. We have not cared and shared enough. We have looked mostly to our own selfish needs and we want to keep all things for ourselves alone.

What then can such an attitude do for those who still think that we must create only a world that can only be occupied by those who are normal and able to contribute? So in comes euthanasia and the killing of those considered too useless and too weak to survive in this world. We then become gods ourselves, taking the lives of those who have every right to be born and to live, and even putting to death those we think the world can no longer have space for. But, does not life come from God and is it not to him alone that we will all return?

Thus it was with joy that I read a beautiful message by ZENIT  from Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi who addressed his weekly editorial to the 7 billionth child, framing this milestone in a context entirely different than those prognosticating population woes.

“Dear baby number 7 billion! I don’t know if you are a girl or a boy, whether you are Indian or Chinese, born in a great city or a tiny village. I don’t know if you were born in the fertile South American lowlands or under an igloo above the arctic circle. I don’t know if you were born on a remote island, or in a refugee tent. I don’t know whether you are healthy or sick or handicapped. I don’t know whether both your parents were there to embrace you at your birth, or whether your mother alone was there to hold you. I don’t know whether people will say there are too many or too few of you and your contemporaries. Today, I don’t care about that,” the Jesuit wrote.

Father Lombardi admitted the world that this child is coming into is “a bit complicated” and “not friendly for everyone.”

“We haven’t done a very good job preparing it for you,” he said.

The priest noted that “the leaders of the richest and most powerful nations are sitting around a table, struggling to find a way forward. We too are asking ourselves about your future.”

“But today,” he continued, “I want to tell you that you are unique and special, that you are a wonderful gift, that you are a miracle, that your spirit will live for ever, and so you are welcome. We hope that when you smile someone will respond to your smile, and when you cry someone will caress you. We hope you can go to school and that you won’t go hungry. We hope that someone will answer your questions wisely and encourage you as you find your place in the world. We hope you will be able to love others, that you will be able to grow, and work, and live among your family, with many friends, in a nation and in a world that is free and at peace. We pray that you can understand that your life will find its fullest meaning not in this world but in the next.

“Because this is what you were born for. Your Creator and Father made you for this. We will do our part to make this possible; but you will have to do your part, too, because your future will also depend on you and the choices you make — and it will be up to you to welcome baby 8 billion.”

We could really listen to such a message again and again. We can reflect and ponder on our own place here on earth. What is our role? Have we been cooperating with our Creator God so our lives here glorify him? The year will soon come to a close and 2012 will be upon us. It is a good time to sit quietly and also thank God for the place he has given us in this world that belongs to him – each of us included. Praise God! With this message, I also appeal to you to help the needy through the Dulabhaton Foundation or through your favourite charities. The link to this website is http://www.dulabhatorn.org/