You don’t have to open your mouth to pray

You don’t have to open your mouth to pray.”

Absolutely correct. How is it that one can pray without opening one’s mouth? Is prayer only vocal? Certainly not. It would be truer to say that one could pray with words but there comes a time when the words are no longer necessary. Think of two persons who know each other so well that one party can almost always know what the other party would say or do. This is no ordinary relationship. This is a long standing relationship built up after many struggles, ups and downs. It was never easy and will not be smooth sailing even as the relationship continues. But both will find joy in the pain. An ironical situation perhaps but one that is also a mystery to be kept as it is. A day will eventually come and then all questions in mind will be answered.

I am speaking not of a purely human relationship. I am speaking about one’s relationship with God. That is why words are not always necessary in one’s communication with the Lord. How often have we simply held a desire in our heart and find that holy longing fulfilled?

Before a word is ever on our lips, our Lord already knows what we want. So, then, how does one pray without words?

To pray is not to ask for favours all the time. I remember a priest once said that he spoke to some Poor Clares. These were nuns who had many requests for prayers each day, and the priest wanted to know how they went about interceding for others. From what I remember, a nun told the priest that before she entered the chapel to adore the Lord and to spend time with him, she would leave the prayer requests outside the chapel. What then would she do? She would spend time just adoring the Lord. She would spend time thanking him for his goodness. She would simply be attentive to his loving presence and love him.

Therein lies the point. So you don’t have to open your mouth to pray. You just love him as you gaze upon him. You remember with gratitude what he has done for you and what he continues to do for you. Let us try this more often…Praise God!