“Develop the  ability to give people a healing look, a healing word, or a healing touch.”

When I read this sentence, I cannot help but say that to do so, one must look to the Divine Healer, our Lord Jesus Christ. How often in holy scriptures do we see Jesus doing just this –  looking with love and pity on lost sheep, speaking words of encouragement and hope and touching those afflicted in so many ways.

I would like to focus on Jesus’ healing look first, and I can think straightaway of the scene after Peter’s denial of our Lord. When Peter had denied our Lord three times, he was given the chance to look at the face of Jesus. Imagine what Peter must have seen – not eyes of accusation, not eyes that glare with hatred, not eyes that pierce or kill. No, not at all. Jesus looked at Peter and Peter cried. It was a look of love, of understanding, of forgiveness. It would seem as if Peter heard in that look – I forgive you, Peter. Such a look is a look of healing. Thank you, Lord.

The bible exhorts us to speak words that heal, and who said them best? Again it is our Lord. To the adulterous woman, ‘Neither do I condemn you. . .Go away, and from this moment sin no more.’ (John 8:11) To the leper who sought healing, Jesus was quick to extend that favour. Yes, no one spoke with such compassion. There are so many examples that one could think of. Jesus went everywhere bringing relief to the oppressed, the sick, the despairing. He consoled, he loved and he emphatised like no one could ever do.

The gift of touch. One has to ask for this. Jesus touched lepers. Jesus touched the sick and the dying. Jesus could have simply spoken a command but he chose to touch and in doing so, he showed us how important such a gift is.

May the Lord grant us the grace to seek the healing touch, the healing word and the healing look, and when more and more people do so, there will definitely be more peace in this world. For now, we tend to seek the opposite. . . we are too quick to stare with hostility, too quick to speak rashly and too quick to refrain from touching with love. May God help us!