The most positive thing

“Each night before you go to bed think about the most positive thing that happened to you that day. . .share the most positive experience of the day.”

To be able to go to bed with the best thought of the day is a real blessing. The worst would be to go to bed with what bugs one as worrying is not going to help. It will only cause insomnia.

Praise God for St Ignatius who recommends in his spiritual exercises that one makes an examen once or preferably twice a day. It has been said so often that if a retreatant learnt only to make the examen each day then that retreatant would have learnt a valuable tool in growing spiritually. The examen certainly gives one opportunities to look through the day and to find so many instances of God’s loving presence in the circumstances of the day. One can find God in all things when one learns to be discerning and to live mindfully.

Praise God when one has the grace to mull over the best and the most positive thing. It is certainly a joy to re-live a positive moment and to benefit from the lesson offered. It can be so simple – a smile given to one who has not got one but needs one badly, and the response that comes from having given it freely, genuinely. It can be so unexpected – to meet a friend one has not seen for ages and to know that one’s friend is getting on fine, and to acknowledge that God’s hand is in that meeting for nothing happens by chance.

Yes, it is indeed good for one to spend some quiet moments before the Lord and allow him to bring to one’s attention what the most positive thing for the day is. Be prepared for surprises. So often one misses the essential and even more often does one miss it all and think that a day has been ‘fruitless’. Far from it…may we learn to thank God for the best each day. Praise God!