Letters and friends

“Have you ever known the joy of receiving an unexpected letter? Wonderful, isn’t it? Write a letter today. The apostolate of letter writing is a powerful one.”

Most peole love receiving letters and  responding to letters received. Sadly though, this seems like a dying art. A ministry of loving enough to send forth words of comfort and consolation, of sharing good news and of opening one’s heart to the other. . . a revival perhaps is needed.

This might be an  open letter to people who were once in my life. . . I remember a friend saying that she thought it sad that our friends are like passing ships in the night. They come along, they stay for a while and then they move on. To her I say,

‘It is not so, my friend. Look on the positive. It can be simply viewed like this – a season. Yes, we have the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – and there is a time for each one, is there not? So it is the same for people who come and go. They too have a time to stay and when their time is up, they move on. What do we do with them? We remember them fondly, perhaps. What about those who have hurt us? We can never count on only having loving friends. Our world, unfortunately, is also inhabited by the wicked and the evil minded.

This morning, I was reading Ecclesiastes and the lines are as follows:

‘Any friend will say, ‘I am your friend too,’

but some friends are friends only in name.

is it not a deadly sorrow

when a comrade or a friend turns enemy?

O evil inclination, why were you created,

to cover the earth with deceit?

One kind of comrade congratulates a friend in prosperity

but in time of trouble appears on the other side.

One kind of comrade genuinely feels for a friend

and when it comes to a fight, springs to arms.

Do not forget the genuine friend,

do not push him our of mind once you are rich.’ (Eccle 37:1-6)

So, my friend, take it easy… cherish the true friends you have, and when they are gone, thank God as well. ‘