Personal holiness

‘Personal holiness is the answer to every problem’

Wow, I sure like this one. Personal holiness. When there is a problem, be it personal or not, one can be sure that it is a lack of love that causes it. It can be personal,  between spouses, between siblings, within a family or in a country. Whatever it is, the lack of love pushes the individuals concerned to be steeped in pain. It seems like there is no way out, and the only thing that can pave the way to a solution happens when each one takes on the responsibility of resolving the issue.

Looked at this way – solving the problem with personal holiness – the persons or individuals involved will have to search their own hearts and review the parts they play. How have they contributed to the problem?

I see this as a way of taking responsibility and not finger-pointing. Blaming another is surely far from being the best way to resolve a tricky situation. When Adam was questioned, he pointed to Eve, that woman he had been given as a helpmate. Then Eve pointed to the serpent, the devil out to get each person to trip and fall. . . that did not solve the problem at all.

So too for us individuals. It is time to look within and see how we have contributed to the problem at hand. A popular saying we are all familiar with is: it takes two hands to clap. Truly, no one is exempt, and so, to  play our part in solving a problem, we must begin to love, to admit our shortcomings, to realise that one can always learn from the mistakes…Yes, it is all right to fall but we can get up and that is best done when we do it together – in  love.