Holy Mass this morning on 2 February

Be praised O Lord! I made it to morning Mass and it was Fr Emmanuel who celebrated it with Fr Kenny. What, Fr Emmanuel asked in his homily, are we offering in our hearts to the Lord on this special feast of the Presentation of the Lord? God never rejects our prayers. He knows only too well our needs. . . like a pre term baby who needs to gain enough weight in order to be discharged and then to go home to her parents…like a family, estranged from a loved one who was found dead most unexpectedly….so many are our needs, so numerous are the petitions each of us hold in our hearts and our Lord knows them all.

Fr Emmanuel brought up one key point and that is the need for SILENCE. In the silence we are more likely to hear the voice of God speak to us and encourage us to go on. Yes, let us find time to be silent in every way so that, in prayer, meditation or contemplation, God can come and minister to us. Then there is a better chance too of our finding Jesus in the Temple….and I recall in one retreat Fr Iker asking me if I carried Baby Jesus in my arms when our Lady, Mother of our Saviour, offered her to me.

Yes, yes, yes….I love you, Lord. Be praised for this day!

On this day, let us take a moment to remember too our loved ones who have gone ahead of us, summoned by the love of our God to enjoy eternal bliss. Let us open our hearts and our minds and be sensitive to those who are suffering, and like Simeon, let us allow God to pray in us, enfolding us in hope and peace.