Borrowing your words

“Nothing that you write is wasted, because it all contributes to your growth as a writer”

This is one prompt that we had in our writing session. I was thrilled to hear my dear Frances share what she had written. If this is not inspired, what is? That is the beauty of spontaneous writing, which I do often now in this blog. I just type as the ideas come and there you have it – another post. It may not be profound. It may not be written in the best manner. But it would have served its purpose – allowing me to express myself, to draw from the resources of my life all these years. Yes, in so many ways, we must dig deep and allow the wealth of memories we have to surface. Praise God for the gift of writing.

There was a time when I did wonder if I was being too noisy, making all that noise in my writing. Was I too full of myself? Was I too full of this aspect and that feature or what was I really doing, writing on and on? And then the answer came quite naturally in the saying we have so often heard – the unreflected life is not worth living.

Ah so, I was only reflecting. And then, another thought. Of course, my dear Jo, you are not only reflecting but you thrive on meditation and contemplation and poetry and music and fine arts and all the good gifts the Lord has so generously poured into your life………….Ah yes, I am so grateful. Thank you, Lord!

Now, let me share a part of what Frances has written. Be inspired. Be so inspired. Start a blog with WordPress. Today.

“Nothing that you write is wasted, because it all contributes to your growth as a writer”

Yeah Yeah, that’s what the “Idiot’s Guide To Writing” would say.

Just look! Read these words! Do they read like I’ve grown?

Ah, cynicism. Very good. I’ve chosen to write like a skeptic!

From an idealist I’ve become a sceptic. How is this so?

I used to write. Boy have I written! Notes, journals, poems, letters, emails, cards & prayers penned in hope. My words basked in the sunlight; bounced on the clouds; slid over the rainbow; danced in the rain; sang with the crickets & soared with the swallows. Today however, they are heavy and stilted. Burdened with a fall. A recent trip that’s causing me to walk with a limp.

Will I ever get well? I don’t know.

But Write, I will. Maybe if I keep writing my words will make all wrongs in my life sound right.

Even for a skeptic I’d say: these words ain’t wasted after all.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates

Let me never waste my life oh Lord, nevertheless, let me never reflect-yet-forget to act either.

One last word, again from Matthew Kelly. ‘You are in debt to all  because God has given you many gifts, the fruits of which He intended for you to share with all those that cross your path.’