The good homilist

It was the lunch time mass that I attended yesterday, and as always, I knew that I would be able to count on the priest to give a good homily. Read ‘good’ as one that will continue to provide food for reflection. It does not matter to me if the English used is not perfect, or if the preacher does not tell stories or make me laugh. It does not matter if he stammers or cannot pronounce his words too. God can and will use the preacher whose heart is after His. Praise God!

Yesterday the preacher spoke on how so many people made comments about a dog that had  been run over. There were all sorts of condemnation, criticism and suggestions on what the driver should or should not have done. Cries of sympathy rang out loudly for the poor animal. The preacher must have spent some time reflecting on what he had read so much so that he took the topic for his homily.

He asked us if we know what our priorities should be. He said that he had nothing against the SPCA or animal rights or even the dog that got run over by a vehicle. His question was posed to us so that we may consider for ourselves what our concerns should really be. It is fine to look after animals. It is fine to take care of our pets. But do we not have bigger issues like abortion? Thousands of unborn babies are murdered. Why do those who talk so much about a dog that got run over not talk also about these senseless killings? Why do we not look at the real issues? Why sweat the small stuff?

These are my own questions, arising from a good homily. The preacher has made a good point. For us who profess clearly that we believe in God, let our lives speak. Let our words also show that our values are Christian.