The good homilist does it again

Praise the Lord! I heard the good homilist again this morning at the first session of the novena to our Blessed Mother of Perpetual Help at the Novena Church and among many other relevant issues that were brought up, the priest again commented on the dog that was run over. While the listeners laughed, it is hoped that the message got home. How true it is that we can be so careless about what really matters in life. We can be so lukewarm about issues that touch the community at large and yet be so focussed on a dog involved in an accident. I am myself an animal lover and I do not despise those who do so, but when we weigh the many issues that must be addressed at the end of a day, animals do not take precedence over human beings.

Our Lord in the Gospel of Matthew asks us if we have visited the sick, clothed the naked, quenched the thirst of those in need of a drink, visited those in prison…Yes,  we need to be aware of the pertinent issues. Certainly we do not deny that the animals and the birds and the fish and all living things have been created by God. But we need to place our heart where it matters most. It is for every human person that Christ Jesus shed his Blood to pay for the ransom, to redeem us and to give us a new life in the spirit.

May God continue to bless our preachers and teachers and may we continue to be open to the message of love for one another. Yes, the call is to be life-giving. The call is not to put vulgarities and frivolities on the internet so as to cause more distress in a world that is already suffering and crying.