You talk too much

“You talk too much”

This is interesting, isn’t it? You talk too much, my friend. I could hardly get a word in and I was just waiting patiently, hoping for a chance to share my ideas too. There were four of us. I waited for my turn. I waited as patiently as I could.

Sounds familiar? Yes, we all encounter such moments. I did. I was waiting to put in my two cents’ worth and I was hoping to be able to get in a word somehow. Did I?

Yes, I did. About what? I wanted to affirm a friend. I wanted a friend to know that I appreciated what she was sharing with me – a part of her life. We were all sharing our stories, more so the other three. I was more the listener. But this listener wanted to say something too.

In the end, I thought that even if I had not been able to say a single thing or make a single comment, it would have been quite all right.

You talk too much, my friend. Yes, now I am talking about myself. . .And so let me hold my peace.