Pray and follow

‘If you pray, God will lead you. If you follow, He will reward you.’

When  we consider the people who have walked on this earth in ages past, and especially when we look at the Bible and see the examples shown us, we really cannot but stop to ponder, and if we are at all  wise, we look at the examples clearly spelt out and imitate them. How  does that work out or what does that mean?

We can think immediately of  people in dire straits and at once the names of Queen Esther, Hannah and so many others come to mind. I could of course cite the example of our Blessed Mother who teaches us to pray, pray, pray…But let us look at the others and know that in their moments of desperation, they had recourse to the gift of prayer. They turned only to the One whose arms are never too short to reach out and save…yes, we are in fact exhorted to pray unceasingly. It need not always be a prayer of requesting for this or that. It could equally be a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for all the blessings that come so swiftly into our lives.

Happy then is the one who has faith. How is that faith shown? Through prayer, through trust, through surrender to the One who alone can save. So when we have  prayed, we follow that call to trust and then we can  be sure that  our prayers will be answered in the best ways He knows how…for the good of all.

Even as we wait for things to happen, peace will fill our hearts and we will be restored. How wonderful it would be if each of us could always exercise that gift of faith like a baby who can do nothing for himself or herself. When the baby is hungry and cries for milk, the milk is somehow supplied. When the child is cold, the warmth is supplied….I am of course aware that in many parts of the world, babies die of hunger and cold. But in this case, we speak of the spiritual and even if hunger and cold kill many babies, our trust must remain. So ‘If you pray, God will lead you. If you follow, He will reward you.’ I have to add, ‘in the best way, and only in the way that He knows best.