It’s going to be fine

‘When I say “everything’s going to be all right,” I don’t mean that everything’s going to be as you want it to be.’

How very true. So often in my text messages I will write ‘All will be well’ to those who need to hear it.

I don’t mean to say that things will work out as the person wants it to work out. If that were so, would not life be a breeze? Unfortunately, that is not the way things are.

Do we seek to do God’s will? If we do, then I will respond as usual ‘All will be well’. Why? Simply because God is love and he will never allow anything bad to happen to us. Even if we find something disastrous happening, we need to trust that God  knows and it is for our good. Otherwise, we will never grow in our faith, and our faith in God demands that we trust, that we keep trusting and that we never stop to trust in God who loves us and cares for our well being.