He is mine

‘I am nothing. I know nothing. I can do nothing, but God is everything and he has made himself mine.’

Does this not boggle your mind and send shivers down your spine, not because of any fear but because it is just too explosive a thought for the puny human mind to contain? The part about our nothingness is fair enough as we are dust and unto dust we shall return.

BUT and a big ‘but’ this is, to think that we belong to the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, of all things seen and unseen, blows the mind. It is a meditation that will send one going through a whole gamut of emotions, and finally, one can only sink down on one’s knees and pray with gratitude and joy.

So Casting Crown sings…..who am I? Who am I that the Lord of the universe should count me worthy and make me his own, not just for now but for all eternity?