Master Creator

If the sky could be seen as a canvas, then one could truly say that the Master Creator never stops putting works of art for our viewing pleasure. How many lessons we take from the beautiful world that God has created and continues to create. It is marvellous! One needs only to look at one aspect, the clouds in the sky. I remember those Geography lessons rather vaguely for we had to study and give names to the different types of clouds. It was not my favourite subject and I did not pay much attention. Now, however, even without knowing the different names for the different kinds of clouds, I can appreciate their various formations.

Just look at how the blue sky, a perfect tone indeed,  has been dappled with so many ‘cotton candy’ fluffy balls which really are just moisture, waiting to nourish the dry earth? I could not resist taking a photo of this formation at the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling. What a perfect day!

 Which child has not gazed upwards and opened his/her mouth in awe? Which one of us has not looked at a cloud formation and seen more than meets the eye? So it was with some delight that I learnt  just a couple of days ago from a friend that she was a member of a group of admirers who actually appreciated clouds. I was amused to learn that such an organisation existed, and yet, is it surprising? Perhaps not.

I may not be a member but I can certainly count myself as one who loves the beauty around. I see it with my eyes. I smell it with my nose. I hear it with my ears and with my mouth, I sing the praises of God, the Master Creator!