Above St Ignatius. . .

I have grown to love this place. It is a place I have gone time and time again for many many years now. It started with the old building and in one small room I learnt more about the devotion to the Divine Mercy. Yes, those were the days. I had not been baptised but my heart was already greatly drawn to the love and mercy of our Lord. 18 March 1993 – a day to remember.

Today I continue to go to St Ignatius, and I love the new church with its wooden crucifix where the light comes in at an angle to light up a little the sanctuary of the Lord. At the entrance is the font of water, flowing, flowing, flowing and my fingers always find their way there so that I may make the sign of the cross before I walk down the aisle to my favourite space in the front.

Today I was at St Ignatius again, and I had the privacy of the space to make my own Stations of the Cross.

The photo above shows the cross at the top of the building. It can be seen even from Farrer Road, some distance away. It is a beautiful sign, the sign that there is a Catholic Church in the area. The cross seems to beckon. . . come and rest awhile. Come and take refuge in the heart of Jesus.

But my main idea was really to speak of the clouds. . .hence the title of this post. Another time, perhaps.