Give and God will give more

Yes, we give by the grace of God. We don’t try to give so that we can get more in return. The extra that comes cannot really be part of the calculation. If it is, then we may be simply manipulating, and can that be counted as good work or acting in charity? Perhaps not.

So we are called to give of ourselves – our time, our talents, our knowledge, our ideas, our joy and even all that is so abstract. Whatever we can part with, be it a gentle tone in our speech or even a smile to another, we can well count them all as our possessions. And these possessions do not just happen to be ours. All is gift. All is grace. God owns all.

It was good that other morning to hear the priest preach and in his homily to hear him mention one Lawrence who saved a man’s life. This man was his slave. Then the priest went on to speak of our lives. Indeed we too have been paid for by the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus. St Paul tells us that, strictly speaking, our lives are no longer our own. We are slaves of Christ.

When we give we know that God gives even more. The goodness of God is unending and he will never be outdone in generosity. We are called to give all that we can. God will give us even more.

Praise the Divine Provider. He does all things well.