Temporal matters

The sight of a flower evokes different responses. First, there is the beauty of a flower to behold, remembering that God has clothed it and provides for all…Then there is the wonderful thought that all living things have been given life by the Author of life, and that all our days have been ordained. Only the Lord knows the day we will leave this temporary home to claim citizenship in heaven. Last but not least is the sure fact that, beautiful as the flower may be, its life span is very very short. It is here today and gone in a matter of hours. A fleeting moment, to be sure. This too holds true for us as we compare our brief life span (seventy or eighty, the psalmist says) to eternity. So we bear in mind our final end, and again, that brings us back to the first point. . . all things are passing. Trials, troubles, good or bad things….all are passing. Let us then live in hope. Let us live abundantly in the love of God.