Peter’s denial; Jesus scourged (2)

This second evening of contemplation saw me witnessing our Lord in the midst of an angry mob, yes, angry and vicious, wild as hungry animals thirsty for blood…and I could do nothing but cry. I could only cry and look at our Lord with deep admiration, with immense gratitude. . . who am I that my Lord should endure all the fury of hell to save me from eternal damnation?

The Lord endured the denial of Peter. It is the same when I make alot of empty promises. It is the same when I pray beautiful prayers but take no real action to show the love of God in good deeds. Then, do I not deny my Lord as well, not three times but innumerable times.

‘My heart is ready, Father…’ You prayed and braced yourself for the scourging. Who could have continued to endure what you did? Your flesh was ripped off your back till you became one wound. You were mocked, insulted, humiliated, scourged…The soldiers spat upon you again and again. They laughed at you and called you names. They showed you no reverence, no respect, no honour…Lord, it is the same when I ignore your commandment to love, when I heed not your advice to be merciful….it is the same. My sins have caused you great sorrow and terrible pain.

Through it all, you said not a word. You uttered no cry. You accepted all in your heart, out of love for us vile sinners. You had come to do the will of the Father. You would see that the task of paying the ransom for our sins is satisfactorily fulfilled.

This evening, I thank you for the grace to feel real sorrow and compassion as I gazed upon Peter. He was grief stricken. He had betrayed his Lord and his Friend. Peter, my brother, I have done the same. For you at least, I know that you made up for the denial. You were made the first Pope of the church and you live now in joy for all eternity.

And with what remorse did you go to our Blessed Mother. Our Lady of Sorrows, words cannot describe the pain caused by the sword that pierced your Heart. Pray, pray for us, O Mary, for we are weak. Help us never to lose our God.

St John the Evangelist, I saw your face this evening. How you must have held in your heart all that our Lord had done and said, and I thank you for the gospel you have written….it rings true with so many great promises. The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us…if the world hates you, know that it hated me first…do not be afraid, trust in me…I go to prepare a place for you…So many wonderful promises, Lord. Be praised! Be praised!