Time out

I took some time out. It was not by choice but it was most welcome. My computer had a problem and I could not get it fixed for two days. In the two days, I had the chance to read and that was really great. I had so much time without the emails and other social media to handle. So, thank God! But some official  matters need to be taken care of, and so here I am, back at my computer and also grateful that the computer was so easy to  put right. It took the serviceman not even ten minutes to change what needed to be replaced. Marvellous!

It was not that I did  not write anything when the blog was not available. I did. But for now, this is enough. I have an essay to do and some other outstanding issues to take care of. I just want to end by saying that whatever happens, I thank God for the grace to be able to praise him. I pray for the gift of total detachment, bearing in mind that even a tiny string could hold a kite down. To be master of all, one has first of all to be totally free, free, free! Praise God!