Emmaus – Luke 24:13-34

Today I walked with the two disciples, joining them in their discussion on all that had recently happened in Jerusalem. We spoke of what we had heard, about the women who had seen the empty tomb and how so many people seemed to have varied ideas about what had actually happened. Then an attractive Stranger who seemed so cool and so unaffected by our animated discussion joined us. We even thought he was probably the only person who still did not know the latest news about Jesus so we hastened to update him. He was patient as he listened to our views and our reasoning. But the tables were soon turned.

Imagine our surprise when he started to fill us in about himself and he expounded to us all that was in the scriptures beginning with Moses and all the prophets. We were immediately captivated by his knowledge and his revelation. Where did he get all this wisdom? Our journey was now one of great interest and all too soon we had arrived at our destination in Emmaus. It was going to be very difficult letting our new Friend leave us. This Companion of ours was teaching us so profoundly that we could barely part with him. ‘Stay with us’ we pleaded and thankfully, he did.

Now it was at Supper that our eyes were really opened.  The Light of the world dispelled all darkness, giving us new knowledge and the grace to accept him as the Way and the Truth. At the agape meal with him, we all exclaimed with one voice, ‘It is the Lord!’  But he soon disappeared from our eyes. Our hearts had been seared by his immense love. In that encounter he had touched our lives like no one ever could, and so, with the sweet memories deeply imprinted in our whole being, we flew to Jerusalem. We walked now not by sight but by faith, certain that we now live no longer for ourselves but for him who first loved us.