Be holy, be happy

A friend asked for my comments on these words: ‘Happiness is secondary to holiness. The true sign of happiness comes from holiness. Do the things that are right enough times and not necessarily the things that just makes you happy.’

The first thought that came to me is that there is no happiness without holiness. It is clearly God’s call to us to strive for holiness. God says: ‘Be holy for I your God am holy’. We are called to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect. There is indeed a demand for all who follow Christ to be obedient to His call to holiness, to His call to perfection and in so doing, to enjoy the peace, love and joy that comes from Him. So, going back to the quotation above, I would emphatically say again that when one is holy, one will surely be happy. On the contrary, unholiness brings pain to one and all. Sin brings death.

One does not become holy on one’s own accord. All is grace. All is gift. We need the help of the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, the Saint Maker. Yes, the Holy Spirit desires that we be holy and He is only too ready to help us if we turn to Him for help. He is, after all, the Helper and the Comforter sent to help us along life’s journey.

So happiness is indeed secondary to holiness. Still, I must add that one does not seek to do things be they right or otherwise. What is more important is being who we are called to be. When one is holy, one will do what is right, for one will desire only to seek and to do the will of the Father, and imitate Jesus in every way. Then there will be no question of acting right to attain happiness but truly having a desire to seek holiness to please the Lord and in so doing, be happy. Yes, let us be holy so we can be happy. Amen.