Special dates

There are some days we don’t want to forget. There are some dates that we always remember.

One such date is 16 April. It was the day when Joseph Ratzinger was born 85 years ago, and then it was Holy Saturday in 1927 and his mother had brought little Joseph to the Easter Vigil to be baptised.

16 April is the Feast Day of Saint Bernadette Soubirous. How can we forget this young and simple nun who was blessed to hear from the Blessed Virgin Mary that she was the Immaculate Conception? Today millions have visited the grotto at Lourdes and received graces of healing, conversion and transformation of lives. May St Bernadette pray for us.

It is also the day the Lord summoned my mother to spend eternity with Him. Next year it will be twenty years since that glorious day when my mother passed peacefully from this earthly life to enter eternity with our Lord. For us who believe, our faith tells us that when we pass from this life, nothing is ended. Life is just changed, and for that we praise God. May our Lady and St Joseph pray for us to have happy deaths.

On this day too, my brother in law Thomas got baptised to become a child of God. May he persevere in his faith journey and may the Lord strengthen his faith and witness to others the joy of being a Christian. May St Thomas the apostle pray for him.

Yes, on such special days and dates, we just want to lift our hearts up and thank God for his goodness. May the Lord bless our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI when he celebrates his 7th anniversary tomorrow as the sweet Vicar of Christ on earth. All over the world the universal Church will pray and thank God for the gift of this holy man of God. Praise God!