It’s May!

Did you hear that? It’s May! Yes, it is another month, and I’m going to say – the same thing – how time flies! It’s just unbelievable but true. Each day I wake up early, before the sun even rises, and everywhere people are probably still snoring. . . and then I go through my ‘must do’ list which includes praying my Divine Office readings and morning prayers and then going to Church for the Eucharistic celebration with some quiet time. Nowadays I am just too preoccupied too with other ‘must do’ assignments – and after this, I will have to try to read up so I can get my 700-word essay done – and these include checking on my social networks. . .

Yesterday I told myself that it might make my life simpler if I just deleted my FB account. But it was not to be. I have committed myself to helping in faith formation with some youths and older children, and – you have guessed correctly- how can I connect with each of them if I don’t have my FB account? I find it really useful then. Besides I learnt that we have to take  turns to write our reflections on the Gospel of the day. Well, isn’t this something?

And so it is the month of May. Everything is fine. Life is good. I am grateful. A friend connected with me via the phone and told me how happy she was that I had only good news to share with her. How great our God is! Come rain or shine, hail or snow. . . Let us remain faithful to our calling and run the race. Let us, on this Feast of St Philip and St James, fight the good fight. Praise God!