Celebrating motherhood

Tomorrow we celebrate the lives of all mothers, women with the calling to bear children and to bring them up as best as they can, with all the limitations of fragile human beings, prone to do less and yet desirous of being the  best mothers. Yes, we can all be thankful for our mothers. Praise God!

Today I start the Living Rosary with one decade assigned to me. The Mystery given me is the third Joyful Mystery – The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. When I received the package from the mail, having first been informed by phone, I was filled with joy. I have been called to pray this single decade of the  Holy Rosary so  that our Lady will be better known and loved. Who will not cherish the Mother of our Lord?

The Nativity – the birth of Christ in a poor manger in Bethlehem. What is my  point of meditation today? The role of Mary, Mother of God and the perfect Handmaid of the Lord. With docility and with deep love for God, she accepted her vocation and bore for humankind, by the power of the Holy Spirit,  the Son of God and Saviour of the Lord. We may not have any details explicitly spelt out for us as to how our Lady took care of Jesus. But it is enough from what  holy scriptures reveal to us.

Our Blessed Mother  tells us, ‘Do whatever He tells you’ (John 2) We are called to be obedient to the will of the Father as the humble servant of God was, giving herself without reservation. 

Mary, our beloved Mother, we love you! Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God!