A tribute to mothers

    Today is Mothers’ Day, and I am going to pay tribute to some wonderful women. Of all the women, I thank God first and foremost for our Blessed Mother. At the foot of the Cross, our Lord Jesus gave us the Blessed Virgin Mary to be our Mother. She continues to intercede for us. I love you, O Mother Mary! The next woman I thank God for is my own earthly mother who has gone home to the Lord. She was a kind mother who loved children and always had a soft spot for the little ones. Rest in peace, dearest Mom!

Magdalene Lek who posed for me just a couple of days ago

The third photo shows a very special lady. She is God’s instrument. She goes to old folks, sick or handicapped, and she gives them instructions and leads them to accept Christ. My late mother was only one of the hundreds of people she has generously catechised. Magdalene continues to walk in the footsteps of Christ, bringing the Good News to all whom the Lord sends to her. Praise God!

Here too are some very outstanding women. We can count Mother Teresa in as a Mother to all her spiritual children all over the world. Praise God!