The enthusiasm of youth

Today I was blessed to spend almost a whole day, from ten in the morning till  six in the evening with about forty young people who were being prepared for youth camps to be held soon. It was such a blessing. The first thing that impressed me was to have one youth (Nicholas) after another (Jessica) inviting me into their youth room since I was early. The hospitality shown touched me. They did not just show me into a tastefully furnished room but kept me in conversation with them. Never for a moment did I feel like an intruder. That was a good start.

The day continued and we had our sessions. We had our sharing. It was uplifting to hear the sincerity of each person’s views spoken for all to hear. I gazed upon each one, thankful to our Lord for raising up in his vineyard such vibrant and self-giving young men and women. The answers given ranged from those who are still young in their faith and those who already show great maturity and count God as their best Friend. The beauty of this is that we all  know that our faith journey does not start and end. We are all at various stages and the Lord walks with us in this life long process. We are also never alone. The community supports us. Wonderful!

Our meditation was taken from Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus commissions us to go and make disciples of all nations. How do we do that? Who is the ideal disciple? What characterises the person who can truly be said to be following Jesus? It was interesting to see the anwers that came forth from each group. More than that, we realised that all the answers given were truly inspired ones. By virtue of our baptism and with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we knew full well the calling of God and the many qualities that would make good followers of Christ.

It was a good idea then to take time to reflect and to allow the Lord to show us the kind of relationship we shared with Him. Needless to say, a good prayer life, time for reflection and self knowledge together with recourse to the sacraments of the church would all be helpful. There was also time for sharing and this brought about more fruit.

Finally, when it was time to leave, I was filled with joy. I was grateful to our Lord for having blessed me with such a time of sharing. I know now that in a part of Singapore, in a Catholic Church named after a great Jesuit saint, Ignatius, a large number of young men and women are doing their utmost to practise and to share their faith. Their Spiritual Director came in for a short visit and he was beaming, pleased with what he saw.  Praise be to God!