Little feet

With so many siblings I have also become the aunt and grandaunt of many in recent years. Recently one of my nephews gave me a simple but pleasant task to complete. It was to smoothen a pair of actual size feet of clay. The imprints had been taken from my latest grandniece who just turned four months a few days ago.                     Looking at the pair of tiny feet, one can easily begin to think of several ideas, and these are not just ideas that are  frivolous but truly they can be very sobering. What could one think of?

Firstly, parenthood. Being a happy parent my nephew had gone to buy a kit that enabled one to take two moulds of the baby’s feet. He had done the first part of the work as well, and even though this has been on the market for quite a while, I never expected to participate in completing the task. To smoothen the rough parts was not at all difficult. I simply used  my finger nails and very carefully got rid of the excess. Then I painted the pair of feet in the silver paint that was provided with a small stiff brush. The finishing touch was to mount it on a wooden picture frame that also came along with the kit. A simple task but one that sought to serve as a reminder for children grow up so very quickly    . . .

One could next ponder on the many paths that this pair of feet will take in life. How many will be the highways, the byways, the city streets and the country roads that this pair of feet will traverse along? Where will this pair of feet hasten towards in time to come? It is anybody’s guess. The road to take must, ultimately, be the narrow one and I pray that little feet, including this pair belonging to Elise, will walk with joy to Jesus. The Good Shepherd desires to lead us to green pastures, and so let us follow him!

Come, little children. . . you are loved tremendously by the Father!