Evangelising faith (1)

Faith as a gift from God has its demands, and this is a hot topic today as we move closer to the Year of Faith starting in October this year. I heard Fr Ignatius Huan from Johor Baru speak on this topic on the third night of the triduum to the Holy Spirit. (Tomorrow we celebrate Pentecost Sunday) I had missed the first two homilies based on firstly, one’s personal faith and secondly, on one’s faith in relation to the God and the community. Fr Ignatius termed the former ‘one dimensional’ and the latter he termed ‘two dimensional’.

So where does the ‘three dimensional’ faith come in? Read the Word of God and especially pay attention to Gospel of Matthew Chapter 28. We are commissioned by virtue of our baptism and confirmation to go forth and carry out the Great Commission.

What does the Lord ask of us? Go and make disciples of all nations. Remain in my love. Go forth and bear fruit that will last. Be salt of the earth. Be light of the world.

Yes, we have the ecclesial call to go forth and evangelise. To do this we need to remember that we are members of the universal church, and that we are not just here in little Singapore but all over the world, united in one spirit to form one body of Christ.

As Catholics we are indeed blessed. Personally I have experienced masses being celebrated in Japan, Korea, Africa, China, Europe and all these were in various languages unknown to me. Yet, I could follow the masses and never for a moment felt lost. We are the universal church. We are indeed one body, one spirit. Our liturgy is not foreign to us. We are inserted into the communion of saints and we can trace our church back to the time of the apostles.