Pentecost – a beautiful feast. I spent this day well – with a community of believers. In the morning there was a concelebrated mass with the Archbishop as the main celebrant. He reminded us to be always conscious of the presence of the indwelling Spirit and to always turn to him for direction, guidance and strength. Indeed, what would we do without the Spirit of God?

After lunch I went to a Pentecost rally in another church and there, with another community of believers who had come from all over the island, we spent three glorious hours worshipping the Lord. We sang with gusto songs of praise and we prayed for one another. The message preached warned us of our need to be vigilant in a world that is going very wrong for so many people have replaced God in their lives. We are plagued with secularism. We are plagued with materialism. We are also plagued with relativism. May we never forget that we must turn to the Holy Spirit who is the ‘Saint Maker’ – a term that the late Archbishop emeritus Gregory had used – for guidance and help. Yes, the Spirit of God comes to our aid and we have to turn to him daily.

This has been a meaningful season – fifty days since Easter Sunday, followed by Ascension and Pentecost today. The church’s liturgical calendar is just great and following it along with all the celebrations accompanied by good preparation for each feast makes it very useful for each of us. Tomorrow we begin another season – ordinary time. But every day is a good day, and it is good when it leads us closer and closer to the One who first loved us. Praise God!