I believe. Count me in!

This is a lovely picture, made by a young child. It speaks of boldness. It displays total confidence. With many strokes of the pastel colours the child makes an image to represent the Eucharistic Lord. It takes eyes of faith to see what one cannot see. Hence, Jesus tells us that the ones who do not see and yet believe are truly blessed. Count me in, Lord!

Looking at the picture, one sees the serene look of the Lord with his eyes closed. He appears to me to be at peace, and almost in contemplation. Who do you say I am? Do you believe that it is Me, your Saviour and Redeemer? If you eat my Body and drink my Blood, I will raise you up on the last day.

Ah yes, I see the word written at the side. It is from another child’s work. It says PEACE. Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

What does PEACE stand for? I can almost hear one of my friends Pauline saying this:

P for poverty of spirit as you count on the Lord for all you need

O for obedience to the will of God

V for virtues that you cultivate with the grace of God

E for the evangelical counsels you profess

R for religious fervour with which you show your love for the Lord

T for the truth of the Word of God which you are called to profess

Y for you, whom the Lord has called to be his very own.

Perhaps, the above will contribute to your being at peace with yourself and with the world.