The Father’s love

Ask me what I mean by the title of this post,  and I would look heavenward. I treasure the love of my Father-God in Heaven. Yes, the first and truest fatherhood is not that of mere mortals in this life but rather that of God our loving and almighty Father. Yes, it is our Heavenly Father, the One who first loved us.

My own relationship with my earthly father was not close, but I do have the  best memory of him and that is by the grace of God. Although I can say that I vaguely remembered even my childhood, I do remember one thing: he gave me five dollars, and in those days it was a fairly large sum for a young child, when I did well in my first year at school. That is a sweet memory. But the sweetest one is seeing him smile as he accepted Christ as his Saviour. That transformation is what God our Heavenly Father did  for my earthly father. A moment of grace. A time of mercy. Forever will I sing the praises of my Heavenly Father.

Today I can thank God the Father for my parents. Praise the Lord!

Unfortunately, for many people, their knowledge of fatherhood is somehow inverted. They do not know God the Father first. They see their own earthly fathers, and if their earthly fathers do not live up to the ideals of real fatherhood, then somewhere along the line, much healing is needed. . . Sad but true of so many people.

The human father has a key role to play. Which child has no need of a male father figure? So, it is truly tragic when the world today tells us that two persons of the same sex can make up a ‘family’. What kind of a ‘family’ would that be? So many things seem wrong today. . . yet, let us take comfort that in the final analysis, God the Father loves all his children and he knows what to do with what is not right. He is in charge, and this is an important factor which we must never forget. Praise the Lord!

Of course, all children need to know the love of their fathers. Still, we realise that if our little boys know their Heavenly Father and learn how to love others, our world will be a happier place. Then when our little boys grow up and if they get married and have children, they can then in turn be good fathers. Hence, it goes without saying that all fathers have a key role to play. All are required to imitate the love of God for us. May we all pray for fathers to be such – loving, as our Father in Heaven is loving, and perfect, as our Father in Heaven is perfect.