Bear fruit that will last

Fruitfulness – this is what the Lord exhorts each of us to have. Bear fruit that will last, for He has commissioned us to go forth and proclaim the Gospel with our lives. St Francis Xavier whose life inspires so many more missionaries to go to lands where Jesus needs to be made known is well loved. I had been to Malacca on numerous occasions in the past before my own conversion to the Catholic faith. I had even brought my students to visit but sad to say, I was not able to go beyond the obvious. I had then not the insight of what it means to be a missionary of love.

Now, much older and wiser, by the grace of God, I know that I am looking at the world with new eyes. I have not seen all but the Lord  reveals to  me what my heart is more prepared to receive. Our Lord is patient. He awaits with compassion and as I allow myself to  be led day by day, I know that my faith will grow stronger and stronger. Truly, my friend hit the  nail on the head when we both agreed that of all the trips we had made to foreign lands, this recent one takes the top prize! If I may add, this is only possible as one’s own faith grows. One can only receive what one is ready for. Too full of  myself, too proud to be taught, I could not embrace what lay before me then in Korea, Kenya, India and other places. In fact, I wondered like a fool  why I was going only to ‘poor’ countries while other friends went to developed cities and talked of the  latest developments and their latest purchases.

Now, I know better. . . A heart for the poor. . . A heart for God’s anawim. . . and am I too not poor in His eyes? Indeed,  I had been living like a small fish in water and I had been swimming around asking where the ocean was. Lord, be praised!

Still, faith is a life long journey and so I go on, the Good Shepherd by my side, lovingly and gently guiding me to green pastures. This is one topic I wish to share in the days ahead – the love of the Good Shepherd! Praise Him!