Eyes to see and ears to hear

If we only have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel. . .  yes, what wonders the Lord works for us day after day! My recent two week trip to China and Inner Mongolia was grace-filled, and as I continue to savour the goodness of God, it is truly my desire to keep drawing on what I have seen, heard and felt. . . and if it be possible, to also share what I have touched and what I have tasted.

The photo of this little puppy speaks to me in so  many ways. It was just there all by itself. We could have walked by without noticing it. Its life would go on, quite unseen and unheard of by foreign visitors. Yet, this little puppy is blessed. It has been given life by our God and it lives in a small village, content to be where it is. This point of being contented crossed my mind yesterday.

So often we pine for  new experiences. We seek new adventures. All this is fine. But what of the hundreds of villagers whom we have been visiting in Inner Mongolia? For them it is enough to be content with their lot. For them it seems enough to have the blessings of good weather, good health and three meals to feed every one. Blessed are the poor in spirit for truly they are loved by our Lord. The lessons continue for me as I embrace with deep gratitude what I have received. In my sharing, may I be able to give and thus glorify the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen!