Building St Paul’s Church in Chengde

This is a church under construction, and its architecture is reminiscent of the old churches the missionaries built in China/Inner Mongolia years ago.  When it is ready I am certain St Paul’s Church in Chengde will be truly beautiful. The parish priest is Fr Li Shoushan who was so hospitable to us. We had a chance to celebrate the Eucharist in  English at the basement chapel where daily masses are already being celebrated. The main church makes use of white marble to form relief works of art based on significant scenes from both the Old and the New Testaments. It stands at a strategic position in an area that is fast gaining popularity. The old church in another location had been demolished after the authorities acquired it for use more than twenty years ago. We got here on 25 June 2012 after visiting the Church of Immaculate Mary in Lao Hu Gou or Tiger Valley. The photo below shows some of us going down the flight of steps to the basement chapel. Here we had the first of two Masses in English. All the rest of the Masses we attended were celebrated by local bishops and priests, and I thank God that I could understand quite a lot of the wonderful homilies preached in Chinese.