Astronomy Bureau

Yes, one of the first places we visited in Beijing was the old Observatory, a place which would be of interest to those more inclined towards Science and Astronomy. Several royal astronomical experiments had taken place in the courtyard of the Ming-Qing era. The Jesuits were most successful. Big names are featured here including Galileo, Matteo Ricci, Ptolemy etc.

At the entrance, our Catholic guide for Beijing, is seen buying tickets. The rest of us are excited, not knowing what to expect. See the many photographers at the entrance. Here you see some photos taken during this visit.

After some time, I was not too  keen and I started to explore other areas which captivated my attention. See the vines and the grapes and also the old trees including the pine with so many cones.  

See too that the ladies were rather tired and many decided to sit down. Our guide was, however, filled with zest for the topic and he spoke with fervour. I admired the way he handled the task, and even if I did not understand much, I guess I learnt that when a job is given, one must do it well. He did.