Happy 150 years CICM!

We have every reason to celebrate. It has been 150 years since the CICM missionaries went to China and Inner Mongolia. The Mission had been officially founded on 25 November 1865.

The parish here is named the Church of Immaculate Mary. Here we were each given a paper cut of the image of the Founder Fr Verbist with the Great Wall serving as a backdrop. Here too we cut a cake that had been specially baked for the occasion. We noticed many of the  parishioners who were involved in welcoming us were all wearing CICM 150 years tee shirts. One of my friends thought that he would like to get a tee shirt to present to a CICM priest back home, so he spoke to one of the men wearing the tee shirt. To our surprise, the man came back with his tee shirt in his hands. He had changed out of it. How generous this brother was! He was not sad that he had to part with the only souvenir tee shirt he had, and with a broad smile he had even wanted to present it to my friend. We were deeply touched by his kind gesture. Needless to say, my friend did not accept the tee shirt. It was a valuable lesson in giving till it hurts, as Mother Teresa had advised. When asked, this brother had made no  protest. He said not a word  but went to do what he could. May God bless him a hundred fold!