What’s in your heart?

What is in your heart? Only God knows. The pilgrimage did not leave me in peace. It stirred my heart. It pushed me to take action. It has been days since my return and I have more than a thousand photos to go through, so to speak. Already I have eliminated those that are not directly connected with the visits to the various churches. It will probably take me many more weeks. . . but these are my memories, and as I include them in  my blogs to share with family members and friends, I am also taking the opportunity to review and to ponder. . . Many messages have been received. I need grace to take action. . . to seek to do the will of the One who sent me on this mission of love. I thank God for Fr Paul who encouraged me to go when I hesitated. Praise the Lord!

So, what is in your heart? This is a question that still has no answer. I am still pondering. . . may the Lord guide me.

But at least, for now, I can say that I must never ever take my faith for granted. I cannot afford that. It took the life of a missionary to make that first journey to the East to bring us the Good News. This missionary priest risked his life. How many of us say. . . oh the missionary priests are special. Indeed they are. With the grace of God, they left their homeland to go to a foreign land where they knew not the language or the customs of the people.

Fr Anthony CICM told us that the true missionary, armed with prayer and the Word of God, must learn the language of the natives and also eat the same kind of food that they eat.

Thank God for the gift of every missionary. . .

The rosary, made of jade, was obtained from a convent. It will serve as a reminder for me to pray daily for missionaries. How apt that we can, on this day – Feast of our Lady of Mt Carmel – implore our sister St Therese of the Child Jesus to pray for us. The Patroness of the missions, she will unite her prayers to our feeble ones. St Therese, in this hour, show your power and pray for us!