Life on earth

More than looking at excavated ruins claimed to be the eighth wonder of the world, my thoughts went to what our faith in God teaches us. We are destined for eternal life. This earthly tent will one day be folded up and then we will head towards our heavenly home. There will  be no more tears, sadness or sorrow.

But for the unbeliever, the attempt is to try and do what continues to be able to serve only the temporal needs of this world.

These terra cotta warriors can no more defend the dead emperor than can any be done for dead pharaohs. As I learnt during my History lessons, the rich and the famous tried to make provisions for themselves. People who were alive were made to ‘die’ with their earthly masters.

What can one say then? I would praise God without ceasing for the gift of faith in him, for the promise of eternal life, for the grace of detachment and the knowledge that is earthly remains to serve only earthly needs. Praise God!