Come, follow me!

Come follow me! An invitation has been issued. Stay focussed. Remain faithful. Let not your  heart be distracted. Let your eyes be fixed on God alone, looking at him always for direction lest you lose your way in a world crowded with a thousand and one snares and temptations. How hard it is for the rich to enter heaven!

Pray, pray, pray…lest you run into trouble. . . and so the sermon went on, powerfully delivered to an attentive congregation.

Holy Mass on the last day of our trip was on 6 July and that morning, most of us went to the Cathedral of St Francis Xavier in Xian. It was great as always. I thank the Lord for it was only a total of four days out of fourteen that I had not the opportunity to go for Mass. That had been an important factor for me to consider when the chance to join in the very special pilgrimage was offered to me. Praise God for the grace to trust in him. Praise God that he always provides!

That morning, the young priest gave a good homily. He spoke with power and conviction. There was earnestness in his speech. Pauses were effectively used throughout his delivery. It seemed like he was addressing each person individually. Praise God!

The message has  been heard. Who will follow the Lord? Me, me, me!  And you, you, you! Yeah, that is true. These feet belong to my friends. They are at rest. . . soon, they will get up to continue following the Lord. Yes, we were doing just that as we continued on our pilgrimage to bring the love of God to our fellow Catholics in rustic countrysides and rural farmlands, in crowded cities and in places similar to what we find back home. Praise the Good Shepherd who leads us along. . .